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The Winnipeg Review reviews Death and the Intern


Dan Twerdochlib reviews Death and the Intern for the Winnipeg Review:

Drugs and money seem to run the hospital where Janwar Gupta is doing his practicum. In Death and the Intern, an anesthesiologist-in-training is framed for manslaughter. Convinced that he was set up, Janwar plays amateur detective and stumbles upon corruption in Ottawa’s Civic Hospital as he tries to uncover who wanted his patient dead and why. Janwar’s anxiety and neuroses provide comic relief as he works to clear his name, navigating interdepartmental politics and romantic entanglements far from his overbearing parents in British-Columbia.

Jeremy Hanson-Finger’s new work is clever and engaging. Janwar’s aptitude as a sleuth is supported by witty observations, while comprehensive run-throughs of his thought processes are relatable for anyone who grapples with anxiety or social awkwardness. Janwar is endearing, plagued with human flaws in spite of his academic successes and medical proficiency. His supporting cast is fleshed out enough to be identifiable while remaining inscrutable enough to leave both Janwar and the reader unsure who can be trusted.

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