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The Carleton University English Department shares some Hanson-Finger love


Annie Loubier interviewed me and my fellow Carleton-graduating writers Ben Ladouceur and Laura Clarke for the article Student Storytellers: Creative Writing and the English Department at Carleton University.

The piece appears on the Carleton University Department of English Language and Literature website, and will later appear in the glossy Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences annual magazine:

Hanson-Finger completed his BA with a Combined Honours in English and Communications in 2009 and an MA in English a year later. One of his favourite aspects of his English degree is the wide range of critical and theoretical approaches he encountered in his courses. At the time, he admits, he was under the impression that most programs offered such a breadth of perspectives, but after speaking with students at other universities he discovered otherwise. He recalls being intellectually invigorated by the theory courses he took with Professors Brian Johnson and Rob Holton as well as the creative-writing workshops he took with Professor Armand Ruffo and Carleton’s 2007 Writer-in-Residence Ivan Coyote.

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