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The Carleton Charlatan interviewed me about writing


Natasha Tremblay from the Carleton Charlatan interviewed me about my writing and my experience at Carleton University:

The Charlatan (TC): What is your fondest memory from your time as a Carleton student?
Jeremy Hanson-Finger (JHF): I would probably say attending the open-mic events of the Carleton English department.
TC: Do you think that your time at Carleton had a significant impact on your development as a writer?
JHF: Definitely. I took a poetry class in second year with Armand Ruffo and met a couple of people who were involved in that community. I hadn’t really pursued writing in first year, though I had been really involved in high school. That got me back into it. Just realizing there was this community and having the monthly open-mic events, I felt a pressure to produce something each month and I slowly got to know more and more people in the community through that.

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