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Article about me in Spindle Magazine


The always-charming Thomas Dearnley-Davison interviewed me and Math Rosen a while back, and now both articles are available in the new issue of Spindle (Math / Jeremy).


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Aesthetic 999


Sheila Heti started a project in 1999, asking artists questions about their artistic process. She has now resurrected the project for the year 2011 and asks anyone who makes things to please contribute their honest thoughts. That includes you! Here are my answers.

1. Name
Jeremy Hanson-Finger

2. Medium
Fiction, sometimes poetry

3. Process
I drink too much coffee and then extrapolate from absurd...

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Interview with rob mclennan for Open Book Ontario


Interview with rob mclennan for Open Book Ontario (read more):


How did you come to poetry first, as opposed to, say, fiction or non-fiction?


I took a creative writing class in Grade 11 with Terence Young, a GG-nominated poet, in Victoria. He is my single greatest inspiration and wholly responsible for my realizing I had talent and that I should pursue creative writing. The way he...

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Interview with Lizy Mostowksi of Soliloquies Anthology


Soliloquies is associated with Concordia University in Montreal. Read more.

Jeremy Hanson-Finger is a new contributor. His short story Black Clouds is forthcoming in Soliloquies 15.

LM: Soliloquies, in the past, has been more Concordia-based and has only recently expanded to accepting submissions from all over Canada. Having done your Master’s degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, how did you...

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