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Saintliness/Slowdive review in Broken Pencil


Saintliness/Slowdive review in Broken Pencil:

Broken Pencil Magazine reviewed my chapbook Saintliness/Slowdive, edited by Peter Gibbon for In/Words Magazine and Press, a year after I sent it to them. Cool!

This zine is two short stories by Jeremy Hanson-Finger in a cleverly designed little chapbook. Saintliness is white text on black paper, and Slowdive is the opposite – once you’re finished reading one story, you have to flip the zine over and start from the back to get to the other one. Which, you know, is cool. Hanson-Finger is clearly a very good writer, and the zine’s design makes sense - he’s trying to work with two very different styles, hence the black-and-white, opposite-sides thing. Slowdive is really a series of linked prose poems, all lush and image-saturated, while Saintliness is just a dialogue between a young man and his psychiatrist, very different both formally and stylistically. Saintliness is by far the better of the two; it’s beautiful and sneakily creepy and paces around the edges of some very serious relationship-type issues in a Brief Interviews With Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace kind of way. Slowdive doesn’t really share that subtlety – it’s melodramatic and adjective-y - but Saintliness is such a good story that it doesn’t really matter. (Emma Healey)

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