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rob mclennan reviews The Delicious Fields


From rob mclennan’s blog:

Ottawa ON: For a couple of years now, Ottawa poet Cameron Anstee has been building himself up as a publisher of fine looking limited edition chapbooks, and encouraging and producing some surprisingly good writing from corners known and unknown. This new season of three titles includes former Ottawa and current Toronto writer Jeremy Hanson-Finger’s The Delicious Fields (Ottawa ON: Apt. 9 Press, 2011), launched recently alongside new titles by Monty Reid and Claudia Coutu Radmore. A compelling novella in prose poems, the small seems evident in Hanson-Finger’s extended piece, compiling a narrative that bounces around but never loses the reader. What engages is watching him work the difference between what might be hidden, shown or completely lost, and what might entirely be suggested. Is this entirely self-contained, I wonder, or part of something larger-in-progress? Might there be more?  

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