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Pith & Wry: More Information

Pith & Wry: Canadian Poetry will be published in October/November 2010. My poem, “Passover”, will be the final piece in the book, “an important position, not usually filled by a novice poet, but chosen in this case because of the subtle but effective use […] made of form” (personal email from the editor, Susan McMaster).

Your Scrivener Press will print a first edition of between 500 and 750 copies, and actively promote book tours and readings across Canada in fall 2010.

Here is the final list of poets included in the anthology:

Dave Margoshes (Calgary), Don McKay (St. John’s), Katia Grubisic (Montreal), Penn Kemp (London), Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory (Iqaluit), Kate Eichhorn (Brooklyn NY), Lorna Crozier (near Victoria), Mary Ann Mulhern (Windsor), Jan Conn (Great Barrington MA), Maureen Scott Harris (Toronto), Heather Ferguson (Ottawa), Sylvia Adams (Ottawa), Susan McMaster (Ottawa), Marty Gervais (Windsor), Ronnie R. Brown (Ottawa), Alice Major (Edmonton), Colin Morton (Ottawa), Betsy Struthers  (Peterborough), Rachael Simpson (Ottawa), John B. Lee (Port Dover), Erin Mouré (Montreal), Monty Reid (Ottawa), Mary Dalton (St. John’s), Blaine Marchand (Ottawa), Marilyn Gear Pilling (Hamilton), Carolyn Smart (near Kingston), Bruce Meyer (Barrie), Ben Ladouceur (Ottawa), Margaret Atwood (Toronto), Roger Nash (Sudbury), Jeanette Lynes (Antigonish), Mary Lee Bragg (Ottawa), Terry Ann Carter (Ottawa), Sarah Klassen (Winnipeg), Peter Gibbon (Ottawa), Roger Bell (near Georgian Bay), Grant D. Savage (Ottawa), Dean Steadman (Ottawa), Monique Chénier (Timmins), Claudia Coutu Radmore (Ottawa), dee Hobsbawn-Smith (Calgary), Amanda Earl (Ottawa), Cameron Anstee (Ottawa), Jeremy Hanson-Finger (Ottawa).

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