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My story “Green Knight Gets the Blues” appears in Vandercave #2

My story “Green Knight Gets the Blues” has finally found a home thanks to the kind folks at Vandercave. If you like your jousting with a side of cognitive behavioral therapy, reading this story is time well spent, I promise!

The Blue Knight and Red Knight spur their horses forward and lower their lances. The Blue Knight strikes the Red Knight’s shield and his balsa-wood lance explodes. The Red Knight barely even registers the impact, but a fraction of a second later he leaps off his horse, dropping his own lance, which shatters and merges with the woodchips and sawdust of the Blue Knight’s lance. Sometimes authenticity must be compromised for the sake of safety; in contrast with the advertising materials that offer “Revelry! Rivalry! Chivalry!” the Medieval Times, Inc. internal corporate mantra is, “Safety. Tasty. Daily.” The audience members wearing blue crowns cheer as the Red Knight rolls to a stop in the sand, and those wearing red crowns hiss.

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