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My story "Between Twenty-six and Forty-nine" is now available in Soliloquies 16.2

I just returned from a lovely time reading at the Soliloquies launch in Montreal! Here is my story in this issue. It’s really dark but at least it’s also funny sometimes.

We played a rousing game of spot-the-native as we passed through the town, as we often did on school trips. You had to shout “chug” every time you saw one. The game had much in common with Punch buggy, but Port Coquitlam had a lot more natives than Volkswagen Beetles. Tyler Courtnall won with a total of thirty-seven points. Sandra Bartz came second with thirty. Now the bus pulled up outside what looked like vacant property between an elementary school and a golf course. Mr. Hannah, our grade eight social studies teacher, had told us that this afternoon’s activity would take place at a farm. (more)

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