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Interview with Lizy Mostowksi of Soliloquies Anthology


Soliloquies is associated with Concordia University in Montreal. Read more.

Jeremy Hanson-Finger is a new contributor. His short story Black Clouds is forthcoming in Soliloquies 15.

LM: Soliloquies, in the past, has been more Concordia-based and has only recently expanded to accepting submissions from all over Canada. Having done your Master’s degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, how did you first hear about us?

JH: I went to high school in Victoria with Andrew Battershill, a previous Soliloquies contributor, and Peggy Hogan, a previous Soliloquies editor. We’ve stayed friends since.

LM: Your thesis is on “dirty bits in postmodern American novels”, what inspired your interest in American postmodern lit in particular? How do you feel that studying it has influenced your writing?

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