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I'm facing off against Jeremy Greenberg at Write Club on August 20

At 8 pm, Tuesday, August 20, at the Garrison, I will be facing off against Jeremy Greenberg in a battle of words. Two Jeremies enter, one Jeremy leaves. Shit’s gonna get real. Click here for Facebook event.


WRITE CLUB is back and better than ever.

Having given away THOUSANDS of dollars worth of the city’s finest writers’ blood, sweat and tears, we want to continue to EAT WORDS and SHIT MONEY with another hair-raising episode.

Our new format of three rounds means a tighter show with bigger stakes for both our would-be victors and more to lose for our simpering sad baby losers who will leave and cwy in their teddy bears.

In short, the show’s shorter, the cash prizes are bigger, the stakes are higher and the losers still go cry to their mommies.

Come, and for the love of Pete, do not fuck up the voting.

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