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Andrew Faulkner interviewed me, Emily Keeler, and Tyler Willis for Open Book Toronto


Check out the two-part interview about literary magazines that Andrew Faulkner conducted with me, Emily Keeler of Little Brother, and Tyler Willis of The Puritan.

JHF: Although Little Brother and Dragnet have taken two very different directions, I think we both really respect what the other is doing, and the main reason our publications are not more similar is that we have different skills and a different idea of how we could best fit into the market. I watched a BBC documentary about krautrock last night and was struck by the fact that members of the group Kraftwerk described themselves not as musicians but as musikarbeiter (music workers). Indeed, we’d love to do a print magazine as beautiful as Little Brother, but I think where our skills as a team lie are more in producing a platform to showcase others’ talent than in producing issues that are works of art in themselves—we’re closer to musikarbeiter (literarischmagazinarbeiter?), whereas Little Brother’s Charles Yao is an inspired artist in his own right, the same way that I would consider the people involved in producing McSweeney’s books to be. All that said, I do feel like we are very much part of the same movement, one that is trying to explore the possibilities of the literary magazine in a way that many more-established magazines don’t seem to be doing anymore. We are also definitely part of the literary dance party resurgence, which includes the publishers Coach House and Anansi as well. (more)

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